From the recording THE INFINITE DREAM

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The Infinite Dream

Thunderous shout of the mountain
Whispering voice of the sea
Silence within and without you
Carry the weight, let it be

Be the cloud, be the nest
Be the song, be the embrace
Be the grateful and kind
And compassionate one
And shine!

Shine bright
(*)As tomorrow begins
And you cross to the side
Of the infinite light
As the pendulum swings
And the mystery unfolds
In the absence of time
In the presence of love
Fill your heart with a dream

Ponder in awe at this moment
Gaze at the stars and revere
Picture yourself deep in wonder
Here comes the sun, be the dream

The purveyor of dreams
Be the flame in the heart
Be the solacing thought
Be the luminous path
And Shine

Shine bright
(*)Deep, unraveling dreams
Where all wishes prevail
Where all hope perseveres
It’s not all as it seems
Do not worry dear friend
It is only the end
And the love that you’ll make
It's the love that you'll take.


Feel your heart with dreams
Be the song, the embrace
Be the grateful one
Shine bright and revere

For John, Paul, George & Ringo with eternal gratitude for the joy and inspiration!