1. River of Love

From the recording Glimmering Path

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Morning, beclouded and still
Dazed, in the river of dreams
Carrying a songbird within
And mountains and valleys of green
Morning, the water runs deep
Under the cleansing cascade
Perched in my soul, like the snowfall in winter
The water skidding serene

Evening, the world redefined
Crushed by a festering load
Facing the intangible truth
Under the ominous fog
Wounded, it trembles and burns
Achingly searching for Love
Hatred and sorrow, a path bleak and narrow
Is Man’s self inflicted scar

Morning, springtime’s begun
Under the flickering sun
Forests and meadows’ perfume
Nature’s indelible bloom
Morning, the time’s here to fly
Soaring towards emerald skies
Open your heart to the infinite poem
And rise to the heavens above
Play with the sun, join the dance, precious moment
And bathe in the River of Love.